More Patsy Cline Inpired Songs

More Patsy Cline inspired songs.

Well you asked for it, so here it is more Patsy Cline inspired songs sang by my better half : )

      1. She's Got You Patsy Cline inspired

      2. Patsy Cline inspired I fall to pieces

      3. Patsy Cline inspired Walking after midnight


I’d Rather Have Jesus Normal High Voice

I listed my normal voice on this song on the Daddy sing bass post, but some reported back they could not find it , so I will post it here on it’s own post with a reference back the original. : )

I was still under the weather a little, but you should see the difference in this and the Bass version.

      1. i'd rather have jesus high normal voice

      2. Bass I'd Rather Have Jesus

To find out the story of a tenor sings bass click here



Quartet Singing Just For Fun

Here is a song we did tonight as a quartet.  My wife sings lead and I sing all the other parts, he he he.  All for fun.

      1. amazing grace quartet
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More Music

Music Making Dreams Come True

Music: is about dreams. A person can get pretty self centered if they only think about their own dreams, so I try to make it a habit of making other’s dreams come true as well when ever possible.  Music is dear to my heart.

This Christmas I produced a few music recordings. This young lady was down visiting us over the summer. When she was down, I helped her put together some songs to give to her dad. I kept the recordings and went back over them in the last few months, polished up my mixing skills a little and made some changes here and there and put it together on a CD with a professional cover. I gave her 10 copies for Christmas. Her eyes lit up with excitement and it made me feel so good to be a little part of making her dream come true.

The title of her Music CD is Over and Over by Stephanie Letcher


Music cd over and over Stephanie Letcher

Over and Over Stephanie Letcher

I will include some of the titles here.  If you are interested in a copy, please let me know as it can probably be arranged.   I listen to this over and over [no pun intended] and it has been such a blessing to me.

      1. He Is
      2. Held

      3. Everything to Me
   Duet with her brother Tim

      4. Jesus Messiah

More to come

Inside cover

inside cover

New Store Open Called BlueCrowbar

We will soon have personalized “Dog and Frog” items available, until then please enjoy some of my latest creations. I am especially proud of my Piano design. If you like it you can order it on a mug, t-shirt, mousepad, etc.  

My crowbar and killer design have a story that goes with it. This summer I was working on my barn and had some help working on it. During our work I was hit in the nose with a blue crowbar by a young man by accident. I had to get many stitches. I now call him killer and he calls me crowbar, so these designs are dedicated to him 😉

Thanks for supporting our efforts : )

View more gifts at Zazzle.

Daddy Sang Bass

Bass Singing, a Tenor Sings Bass

What if you woke up one morning and your voice was 2 octaves lower than usual?   What would you do?

I had planned on working on the music for The Dog and The Frog animation this weekend, however on Friday I woke up with a small sore throat.   I thought well maybe it would go away, however throughout the day it just got worse.  By the evening it was in full force.  I went to sing and as expected I could not hit my notes as usual.   But a strange thing happened, I could hit notes in the lower range that I only dreamt of hitting.

A Little History

I grew up listening to my dads gospel music records.  Old groups like The Chuck Wagon Gang, the Sego Brothers and Naomi, The Cathedrals, the Stamps, etc.   I always thoroughly enjoyed the bass parts.  I learned them all, the only problem was I was a kid and could not hit any of the notes.  I longed to be a bass singer.  Well I waited for my voice to change, funny thing happened.  It never changed.   So I ended up being a high tenor.  [God, has a sense of humor ; ) ]

So what does a guy do when you end up with a voice 2 octives down from usual?  Well , You sing of course.

So I put on the headphones and set everything up and my feeling when I started singing can only be described as the same as Barney Fife looked when he first started singing bass with the choir.  In the episode below, Barney wants to sing with the choir. Only one problem, he could not sing.  So through a course of events Andy arranges for a bass singer to sing the actual notes for Barney.  Telling him the mike was a special mike.

That is exactly as I felt when the first notes came out.   Now remember , I had a serious cold and the tone quality is much to be desired.  But, I sang all night long.  I did not want to stop as I was having so much fun.  I felt if I went to bed my deep bass voice would go away.  So I stayed up all night long, just having the time of my life.  [I don’t get out much 😉 }

Anyway, here is some of the songs.  If you heard them and did not know what was going on, you would not be impressed.  Please remember, I am usually a tenor.  I felt like George Beverly Shea, or George Younce.

It was kind of hard singing, as I would aim for the higher note as usual only to realize it was not there.  So I kept telling myself to aim low.

Tip:  If you click the first one, they will all play one right after the other.

First here is a sample of my normal voice.

      1. more like a whisper partial My normal voice

The first one I did was He Touched Me, I roll down to the low bass in some parts.  It was so much fun.  No wonder these bass singers always have a smile on their face.  Singing bass is so much fun : )

      2. bass he touched me

This next song I had a very hard time getting through, as I kept being moved by the words.  I finally made it to the end.  A George Beverly Shea song.

      3. Bass I'd Rather Have Jesus

I thought it would be fun to contrast my normal voice, so I came back and did I’d rather have Jesus again.  Still a little under the weather and voice is not all the way back so it cracks and goes flat, but hopefully it will be back soon. :)

      4. i'd rather have jesus high normal voice

The next song was Amazing Grace with kind of a bluegrass style

      5. Bass Amazing Grace

Angel Band is the next one.  The words were not all right as the background singers sang different words, which is common with these old songs.  It turned out ok I guess.

      6. Angel Band

Another bluegrass selection, Wayfaring Stranger.  I love the bluegrass sound : )

      7. The Wayfaring Stranger

This next song Standing in the need of prayer.  Just imagine a hoe down get together in a big auditorium. : )  Bluegrass style.

      8. Standing in the Need of Prayer

This next song was too high, and I could not get the low part, so I did a narration.  I kind of like how it turned out.  My daughter finishes it up at the end.

      9. The Lighthouse duet2

Well you endured all that, now I saved the best for last.  No it is not me, it is my better half.

      10. Stand Still


Book is Published

Book is Published

Dog and Frog

Click Picture

Book is now available on Amazon

I was kind of sidetracked on a new related project, so I was unable to post as much.  

I had an idea to make a book about our dog and the frog story.  I wanted it to be  secret until it was done and I could present it to my daughter.

Well I kept blogging, only offline as I did not want her to find out.   You can find those posts by clicking the book at the top of the page or by going here.

My daughter was so overwhelmed, I wish I could do it all over again.  The process was rather involved.  I won’t repeat it here, please checkout the book page.

Publishing is a whole new ballgame than what I am used to.  There was so many new terms to learn and understand.  Using the artwork already made was a big bonus.  

The book ended up being about 50 pages long.  I am thinking on doing a narration with the pages with our voice actors and putting it up online so you can get a feel of the story.  Kind of like a slideshow with pictures and audio.

Well, now it is back to the animation.   I mostly have the characters all made now as I needed them to finish the book.   So hopefully I will be able to wrap it up in the next few months  I am currently working on encoding and doing some sample renders.  I am finding out everything looks different on TV.  Doing an animation on the computer you can do it full HD and it looks so good on the PC.  However it can be 100-150 GB for a 30 minutes.  A DVD only holds about 4.7 GB, so it must be encoded and compressed.   There is so many different codecs, that it is a maze trying to figure it all out.  I will update my progress shortly.

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Cartoon Pig Created in Anime Studio Animation Program

Cartoon Pig Character

Cartoon pig character is finished.   The pig does not talk in our story, it just eats like a pig.  The pig will get bigger as it eats, which will be done by scaling it.  I am not sure if it will be a layer scale or just select all the points and scale.  Most likely it will be a layer scale as it is easier to do and there is no need for individual points to be different.

cartoon pig

cartoon pig


As you can see I also made some corn for this scene.  A red barn and windmill was also made.   This scene will be a typical barnyard scene.

As I do these sample scenes I am finding out the more shading you use, the longer it takes to render.  It is also a good idea to turn off any unused items that may be in your project as these will render in the background and slow down the process.  I did one scene that was about 25 seconds long and it took 5 days to render it.  I had rendered it earlier and it was done in about 12 hours, so I could not imagine what was making it take so long.  Then you get into, “well it has been working for two days, do I stop it now to check and maybe have to redo the 2 day render time or do I let it roll to the end?”   Well I decided to let it work the process and then look at it when it was done.  Well after 5 days it was finally done.  I then looked at it only to find my main character was missing from the scene, argh!   So I checked it out and found that when I had brought in some assets from an earlier animation, it doubled my scene and rendered both.  So I now check all the assets before I render and turn off the ones not needed.  I also learned the hard way to save just before rendering.  I have lost a days work when it locked up during rendering.   I know, I should save a copy while I am doing it, but I often forget.  I heard they put an auto save in a later version, it is something that is needed.