Celtx Pre-Production Open Source Software

I wanted to use open source [free] software when ever possible.  I am really excited to find Celtx.   Celtx is an all around software to handle the pre-production of media projects.   They have project templates for Film, Audio-Visual, Theatre, Audio Play, Storyboard, Comic Book and Novel.

I will be using the Storyboard template as well as maybe the Film template to put this all together.  I will be able to write the script and storyboard the scenes, develop characters.

I really like the storboard template.  You can work out the camera directions and also play the storyboard back like a movie when you are done.

Below is a screenshot

They also have a sketch feature so you can work out your camera moves or stage direction.

This is going to be very helpful, and best of all it is free.   I really love open source programs, especially ones like this that have been developed to this extent.

You can find Celtx at celtx.com


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