Wizard Character Modeling is Done: Anime Studio

Wizard Character is Done

Here is a Wizard Character I put together in Anime Studio.  I really like making characters in Anime Studio.   The wizard is a secondary character, however he is in quite a few scenes.  In the original story this character was a witch, however we wanted to tone him down as this is a kid’s story.  So we changed him into a wizard.  Actually we changed him into a magician, however saying magician was hard for our voice actors as they kept stumbling on the word.   So he kind of changed into a wizard as it was easier to say ; )

Stock photo companies are a great source of inspiration for characters.  Just purchase the rights, and then you can make derivative works inspired off of the design.  It is much easier then trying to design from scratch.  Some people that is their strength, however some do not have that talent or do not want to take the time.  It is kind of like changing your oil.  Most people can do the job, however they have others do it as that is what they specialize in.   There is a lot of talent out there just waiting to be tapped into your project.  Many talented artists would love that you use their artwork in your work.   There is a large number of outlets online where you can purchase the rights to use photos, sketches, vector drawings, 3d artwork, backgrounds and the list goes on.

Wizard Character

Our character is kind of a folksy, hillbilly type of a wizard.  He tries to get things right, but he messes up most of the time.  I am not sure if he does it on purpose, or by accident.  You will need to follow the story to figure that out : )   His robe is purple as that seems to be the standard color for this character.



Wizard afathersdream.com

Wizard Character afathersdream.com



On another note, I was sad to hear that one of the last remaining munchkins from the Wizard of OZ has past on.

Karl Slover, one of the last surviving actors who played Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz,” died on Tuesday in a central Georgia hospital.   Only 3 of the 124 actors playing Munchkins remain.    Slover made 50 dollars a week playing this part.  He was fond of saying ToTo the dog made more money then he did on the show.