Cartoon Pig Created in Anime Studio Animation Program

Cartoon Pig Character

Cartoon pig character is finished.   The pig does not talk in our story, it just eats like a pig.  The pig will get bigger as it eats, which will be done by scaling it.  I am not sure if it will be a layer scale or just select all the points and scale.  Most likely it will be a layer scale as it is easier to do and there is no need for individual points to be different.

cartoon pig

cartoon pig


As you can see I also made some corn for this scene.  A red barn and windmill was also made.   This scene will be a typical barnyard scene.

As I do these sample scenes I am finding out the more shading you use, the longer it takes to render.  It is also a good idea to turn off any unused items that may be in your project as these will render in the background and slow down the process.  I did one scene that was about 25 seconds long and it took 5 days to render it.  I had rendered it earlier and it was done in about 12 hours, so I could not imagine what was making it take so long.  Then you get into, “well it has been working for two days, do I stop it now to check and maybe have to redo the 2 day render time or do I let it roll to the end?”   Well I decided to let it work the process and then look at it when it was done.  Well after 5 days it was finally done.  I then looked at it only to find my main character was missing from the scene, argh!   So I checked it out and found that when I had brought in some assets from an earlier animation, it doubled my scene and rendered both.  So I now check all the assets before I render and turn off the ones not needed.  I also learned the hard way to save just before rendering.  I have lost a days work when it locked up during rendering.   I know, I should save a copy while I am doing it, but I often forget.  I heard they put an auto save in a later version, it is something that is needed.