Dog Modeling is Finished in Anime Studio

 Dog Modeling is Done

Dog modeling is pretty well finished now.  Below is him sitting and standing.  I am still learning and it will take a while.  It feels good to finally get a face to the story.  I think I will add him to my picture theme.   Doing an animation will be a long process, especially as you are learning the tools of the trade.  Computers certainly help make it a process that I think is doable.  Without them I do not think realistically one person could animate a story as it would just take too long.


Cartoon Dog

Cartoon Dog

A cartoon dog and a frog is what this story is about.   I started on the dog first as it seems to be the main character.
Below is the beginning of my dog. I think it will be a beagle type dog. Beagles are one of the most loved dog breeds as they seem to make very good pets. So many pet owners will be able to relate to our little beagle. cartoon beagle dog (6) cartoon beagle

I started with a basic shape on the head of what I think a beagle looks like.   Drawing with anime studio is easy once you get the hang of it.   I only had to draw one ear and then copy it to the other side. cartoon beagle dog (5) cartoon beagle

Here I added the pupils of the eyes. I wanted the eyes to be big and round to give the lovable puppy dog look :) cartoon beagle dog (4) cartoon beagle

Now the whites of the eyes.  I figured out if you make one eye first, then you can copy and scale the other eye to the right size . cartoon beagle dog (3) cartoon dog

Now the eyebrows, hopefully they will help me to give the dog more expressions. cartoon beagle cartoon beagle

Now a cute little nose. Our beagle will have a short snout. cartoon dog cartoon dog

Here is my completed head. I think it turned out pretty good. I don’t really like the sour look on the face, but I can correct that later with the mouth shapes I will using for lip sync.   Anime studio allows you to set shading for each element which helps to give it that 3d look.  I like both the flat look [without shading] and this look, but I think I will leave the shading in for now. I can always take it out later.   Anime studio allows you to define a style, so you can make changes to colors easier.   You can also define shading, so changing that will not be too difficult later if I decide to.
The complete professional animation solution