Book is Published

Book is Published

Dog and Frog

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I was kind of sidetracked on a new related project, so I was unable to post as much.  

I had an idea to make a book about our dog and the frog story.  I wanted it to be  secret until it was done and I could present it to my daughter.

Well I kept blogging, only offline as I did not want her to find out.   You can find those posts by clicking the book at the top of the page or by going here.

My daughter was so overwhelmed, I wish I could do it all over again.  The process was rather involved.  I won’t repeat it here, please checkout the book page.

Publishing is a whole new ballgame than what I am used to.  There was so many new terms to learn and understand.  Using the artwork already made was a big bonus.  

The book ended up being about 50 pages long.  I am thinking on doing a narration with the pages with our voice actors and putting it up online so you can get a feel of the story.  Kind of like a slideshow with pictures and audio.

Well, now it is back to the animation.   I mostly have the characters all made now as I needed them to finish the book.   So hopefully I will be able to wrap it up in the next few months  I am currently working on encoding and doing some sample renders.  I am finding out everything looks different on TV.  Doing an animation on the computer you can do it full HD and it looks so good on the PC.  However it can be 100-150 GB for a 30 minutes.  A DVD only holds about 4.7 GB, so it must be encoded and compressed.   There is so many different codecs, that it is a maze trying to figure it all out.  I will update my progress shortly.

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