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The Animation Dream

A story written by a child.  So simple, yet complex.  As Parents, we get handmade pictures, cards, and various artwork.   Sometimes it can be hard to recognize what it is they have drawn.  Nevertheless, we post it on the wall or fridge.  Both the parent and the child feel proud.   The child is proud because “I made that by myself”   and the parent is proud that the child took the time to make them something special.   Likewise, handmade cards are always more special than store bought.  The person took the time to make it and in each card there is a little of themselves in every stroke of the pen or mark of the crayon.  My young daughter came to me with a story she wrote for a school project.   The story was different and imaginative, from the mind of a child.   I had this crazy idea.

Make It Into A Cartoon Animation.

Could I do it?  How long would it take?   Me the one that can barely draw stick men?   How would I do it?  Was it even possible for one person, with no training, no experience and very little talent to make a cartoon?  How long would it take?   After all, many of the cartoons that have been made have used a large number of animators, all professionally trained.

I made up my mind to try.

The website will chronicle my dream and my journey.  From concept to reality.   From Artwork to character, from character to animation.   From animation to the finished product.

The best is yet to come: )

Follow our progress in our Blog

You can check out our practice artwork and animations by clicking the image below

More Dreams:

During making the animation movie I got an idea to make a book for my daughter.

Click here

Christmas 2012 I had the movie all done and gave it to my daughter as a gift.

(You can still read the process of making the movie, in the later entries on the blog page, and you can see the process of the book on the book page.)

Then I asked my youngest daughter, who helped me on the previous work if she wanted me to make her dreams come true.  She thought about it for awhile, then said yes.

We started working on her story right away, and in June of 2013, I was able to surprise her with the finishing results.  She now has four stories published!  Visit her website for more details.

Dreams continue to come true. I got an idea to help my family and me memorize the Bible.  I started posting YouTube video, subscribe here.

I now have the whole Book Of James on DVD ready to memorize.

I also make word search puzzle books.

Visit my resource page for more information.

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