More Patsy Cline Inpired Songs

More Patsy Cline inspired songs.

Well you asked for it, so here it is more Patsy Cline inspired songs sang by my better half : )

      1. She's Got You Patsy Cline inspired

      2. Patsy Cline inspired I fall to pieces

      3. Patsy Cline inspired Walking after midnight


I’d Rather Have Jesus Normal High Voice

I listed my normal voice on this song on the Daddy sing bass post, but some reported back they could not find it , so I will post it here on it’s own post with a reference back the original. : )

I was still under the weather a little, but you should see the difference in this and the Bass version.

      1. i'd rather have jesus high normal voice

      2. Bass I'd Rather Have Jesus

To find out the story of a tenor sings bass click here



Quartet Singing Just For Fun

Here is a song we did tonight as a quartet.  My wife sings lead and I sing all the other parts, he he he.  All for fun.

      1. amazing grace quartet