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Music: is about dreams. A person can get pretty self centered if they only think about their own dreams, so I try to make it a habit of making other’s dreams come true as well when ever possible.  Music is dear to my heart.

This Christmas I produced a few music recordings. This young lady was down visiting us over the summer. When she was down, I helped her put together some songs to give to her dad. I kept the recordings and went back over them in the last few months, polished up my mixing skills a little and made some changes here and there and put it together on a CD with a professional cover. I gave her 10 copies for Christmas. Her eyes lit up with excitement and it made me feel so good to be a little part of making her dream come true.

The title of her Music CD is Over and Over by Stephanie Letcher


Music cd over and over Stephanie Letcher

Over and Over Stephanie Letcher

I will include some of the titles here.  If you are interested in a copy, please let me know as it can probably be arranged.   I listen to this over and over [no pun intended] and it has been such a blessing to me.

      1. He Is
      2. Held

      3. Everything to Me
   Duet with her brother Tim

      4. Jesus Messiah

More to come

Inside cover

inside cover

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