Daddy Sang Bass

Bass Singing, a Tenor Sings Bass

What if you woke up one morning and your voice was 2 octaves lower than usual?   What would you do?

I had planned on working on the music for The Dog and The Frog animation this weekend, however on Friday I woke up with a small sore throat.   I thought well maybe it would go away, however throughout the day it just got worse.  By the evening it was in full force.  I went to sing and as expected I could not hit my notes as usual.   But a strange thing happened, I could hit notes in the lower range that I only dreamt of hitting.

A Little History

I grew up listening to my dads gospel music records.  Old groups like The Chuck Wagon Gang, the Sego Brothers and Naomi, The Cathedrals, the Stamps, etc.   I always thoroughly enjoyed the bass parts.  I learned them all, the only problem was I was a kid and could not hit any of the notes.  I longed to be a bass singer.  Well I waited for my voice to change, funny thing happened.  It never changed.   So I ended up being a high tenor.  [God, has a sense of humor ; ) ]

So what does a guy do when you end up with a voice 2 octives down from usual?  Well , You sing of course.

So I put on the headphones and set everything up and my feeling when I started singing can only be described as the same as Barney Fife looked when he first started singing bass with the choir.  In the episode below, Barney wants to sing with the choir. Only one problem, he could not sing.  So through a course of events Andy arranges for a bass singer to sing the actual notes for Barney.  Telling him the mike was a special mike.

That is exactly as I felt when the first notes came out.   Now remember , I had a serious cold and the tone quality is much to be desired.  But, I sang all night long.  I did not want to stop as I was having so much fun.  I felt if I went to bed my deep bass voice would go away.  So I stayed up all night long, just having the time of my life.  [I don’t get out much 😉 }

Anyway, here is some of the songs.  If you heard them and did not know what was going on, you would not be impressed.  Please remember, I am usually a tenor.  I felt like George Beverly Shea, or George Younce.

It was kind of hard singing, as I would aim for the higher note as usual only to realize it was not there.  So I kept telling myself to aim low.

Tip:  If you click the first one, they will all play one right after the other.

First here is a sample of my normal voice.

      1. more like a whisper partial My normal voice

The first one I did was He Touched Me, I roll down to the low bass in some parts.  It was so much fun.  No wonder these bass singers always have a smile on their face.  Singing bass is so much fun : )

      2. bass he touched me

This next song I had a very hard time getting through, as I kept being moved by the words.  I finally made it to the end.  A George Beverly Shea song.

      3. Bass I'd Rather Have Jesus

I thought it would be fun to contrast my normal voice, so I came back and did I’d rather have Jesus again.  Still a little under the weather and voice is not all the way back so it cracks and goes flat, but hopefully it will be back soon. :)

      4. i'd rather have jesus high normal voice

The next song was Amazing Grace with kind of a bluegrass style

      5. Bass Amazing Grace

Angel Band is the next one.  The words were not all right as the background singers sang different words, which is common with these old songs.  It turned out ok I guess.

      6. Angel Band

Another bluegrass selection, Wayfaring Stranger.  I love the bluegrass sound : )

      7. The Wayfaring Stranger

This next song Standing in the need of prayer.  Just imagine a hoe down get together in a big auditorium. : )  Bluegrass style.

      8. Standing in the Need of Prayer

This next song was too high, and I could not get the low part, so I did a narration.  I kind of like how it turned out.  My daughter finishes it up at the end.

      9. The Lighthouse duet2

Well you endured all that, now I saved the best for last.  No it is not me, it is my better half.

      10. Stand Still


7 thoughts on “Daddy Sang Bass

  1. thank you so much for the great music, it touched my soul God has blessed you and your family greatly and will be a blessing to others and touch thier souls . thank God for you and family now i can listen any time

  2. Sometime God likes to play with his children……..sounds like the two of you had a great time together……………..beautiful voice, high and low

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