First Animation

 My First Animation

First animation is below.  It is not Disney or anything like that.  However, I think it turned out pretty good for my first animation.   The background was a stock background included with Anime Studio Pro 6
  I used Papagayo for the lip sync.   I really like the drawing tools in Anime Studio.  You can just grab points and pull them around as you draw.  Which makes the drawing much easier than free hand stuff.  You then create a shape and fill it with a color.


I used scaling to make the flea appear like it is getting closer.   The sound effect was from a wav CD I had.  It took me several days to make all the faces for the different sounds and probably a day to do the animation.  I am still learning the program , so hopefully it will speed up a little.  However, I expected it would take a long time to do the animation.   So that was not unexpected.   Making the different faces took longer than expected. 

2d vs 3d

Having to make different views in 2d is not something I had really thought of.  In 3d, you model the character.  If you want to see the back side of the character , you just turn it around.   With 2d there is no side view as it is flat.  You can reverse it and get the opposite view.    But if you want to turn it around like in a head turn, each of the views have to be made.   So in some ways 3d would be easier.    I am not regretting choosing 2d as the medium, the different views is just something I had not thought of.

The complete professional animation solution

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