Commercial Animation Software

I have narrowed my search to two animation programs.  One is Toon Boom and the other is Anime Studio.

Toon Boom- has different packages for different levels.  From kid’s software up to professional.  I counted 14 different product levels on their website, which can be pretty overwhelming.   It seems that Toon Boom is more like traditional frame by frame animation.  Which is good if you know how to draw, but it may prove difficult for someone like me where drawing is not one of my strengths.  Toon boom is used in many TV cartoons, but I am not sure which product level was used.

Anime Studio- has two different product levels.  One is the Debut and one is the pro version.   The drawing tools are vector based, which I think may be more suited to my lack of drawing talent.  Amazon has Anime Studio Pro 6  for less than 30.00.   Version 6 is an older version of this software, as they have version 8 available now.  However I can get the full pro version 6 for less than the scaled back  Anime Studio Debut 8.   So for less than 30.00 I can give the software a whirl.  Now the Anime Studio Pro 8 does have a lot of newer features like simulated physics, patch layers, automatic image tracing and a character wizard, all features that Anime Studio Pro 6 does not have.  However, it will let me get a feel for the program without the greater expense.  I can always purchase the newer version later if needed.

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